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Australia Awards – Africa offers an effective and efficient model to deliver Australia’s assistance while supporting a range of strategic foreign policy, economic diplomacy and development objectives across key sectors.

The stability, security and prosperity of sub-Saharan Africa are of national interest to Australia. African countries are of global economic and political importance in addressing global economic growth, agricultural productivity, food security and international security. Many African economies are prospering and present increasing opportunities for trade and investment-led development gains for Australia.

Sub-Saharan Africa is a diverse region that faces varying developmental contexts and challenges. Key constraints to economic growth, shared across the continent, including skills shortages, poor enabling environments for business and governance, slow development of key infrastructure, food insecurity and low agricultural productivity, humanitarian crises, as well as gender and other inequalities. These skills shortages are particularly acute at the professional levels. In the public sector, these skills deficits hinder the capacity of governments to deliver services, support sustained growth and address development challenges. To achieve sustained economic growth and competitiveness, more skilled labour and applied industry-related research is required.

Australia’s development assistance is carefully targeted for the greatest impact. It has the capacity to make a difference by targeting sectors where Australian experience and knowledge visibly add value, deepen engagement and continue flexibility and responsiveness within the chosen areas of expertise. Australia Awards – Africa is available to a select number of priority countries, in line with the geographical and sectoral focus for Australian engagement in Africa.

Australia is optimistic about Africa’s future. Australia has eight Diplomatic missions in Africa supporting bilateral relations with sub-Saharan African nations. The first mission, based in South Africa, was opened in 1946.

For more information, please visit: Australia Awards in sub-Saharan Africa

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