Awards Coordinator

This position will be based in Nairobi, Kenya or Pretoria, South Africa. Successful candidates must have existing right to work in either Kenya or South Africa.

Closing date: 8 April 2018


 Undertake the development and on-going management of pilot and ad-hoc activities in awards-specific projects ensuring that the Awards Unit is able to demonstrate flexibility, responsiveness and innovation throughout the lifespan of the project.


Manage a number of pilot activities

  • In consultation with management, prepare the relevant Scope of Services for each activity
  • Recruitment and management of short-term advisors, as required
  • Preparation and management of the budgets and funding arrangements
  • Contracting and management of service providers
  • Implementation and management of all pilot activities, including, but not limited to promotion and selection processes, payments and pastoral care responsibilities
  • Manage relationships with all relevant stakeholders
  • Development of QAM Manuals for each activity
  • Regular reports to Awards Manager for onward reporting to the Senior Management

Awards Specific Activities

  • Management of Awards related Australia Awards in Africa web-site information, in liaison with the Communications tram
  • Preparation of consolidated Awards information, such as reports for Senior Management Meetings and Six-Monthly Reports & Annual Plan
  • Management of variations from Awardees who are not from key-countries
  • Manage the Enquiries inbox through rostering the Awards officers and providing weekly reports to the Awards Manager
  • Assist with other event preparation and implementation as required, including likely travel
  • Assist with Awards related activities during peak periods such eligibility and criteria checking
  • Coordinate the Short Course Selection panels
  • If required, participate in Short Course Provider procurement

Reporting Activities

  • In line with the requirements of each pilot activity’s Scope of Services, establish and maintain a reporting cycle for each pilot activity (to be reported to Awards Manager)
  • Preparation of bi-monthly Awards status report, including status updates on any pilot activities
  • Monthly Enquiries reporting
  • Assistance in the preparation of the Awards Unit inputs to program reports (e.g. 6-Montly reports and Annual Plans)
  • Develop and manage an individual work plan with the Awards Manager

Other Duties:

  • Perform other activities as required by the Awards Manager, Team Leader or other Managers
  • Assist with the continuous improvement process, including updating and maintaining the QAM.
  • Ensure adherence to all HR requirements, e.g. timesheets, leave applications, performance management processes etc.
  • Prepare written letters and other communication materials
  • Participate in relevant HR and performance management processes;
  • Attend all relevant staff meetings.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion:

Australia Awards in Africa is committed to supporting inclusive development practices across all program activities. Social inclusion is an umbrella term adopted by Australia Awards to refer to gender equality, disability inclusion and HIV support.  Among your roles, you will be expected to implement and embed inclusive development practices within your work activity.  You will be expected to demonstrate sensitivity to issues of social inclusion, and especially as you engage with candidates, awardees, alumni and other stakeholders.


Report all suspected and / or detected fraud within 24-hours of discovery and in accordance with DFAT’s Fraud Policy, the respective Palladium Policy and the Fraud Risk Assessment and Management Plan.

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