Sierra Leone

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BECKLEY Walton, Sierra Leone awardee (top)Sierra Leone nationals had been undertaking studies in Australia sponsored by the Australian Government, from 1989 to 1997, and resumed in 2010. Applicants from Sierra Leone are eligible for two types of awards: Master’s awards under Australia Awards Scholarships and short course training under Australia Awards Africa Fellowships.












Australia Awards Scholarships (Masters level)

Priority areas are:

  • Agriculture/Food Security
  • Health
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Public Policy

Australia Awards (Fellowships)

Priority areas are:

  • Agriculture/Food security (Soil and Water Conservation Agriculture, Livestock and Post-harvest Management)
  • Mining (Geospatial Information Systems, Managing the Social and Environmental Impacts of Mining and Mining Resources: Regulation and Revenue Management)
  • Public Policy (Diplomacy and Public-Private Partnerships)

For the 2013 academic year, Sierra Leoneans were offered 11 Scholarships and seven Fellowships.




Sierra Leone Alumni


Alumni from Sierra Leone are encouraged to participate in alumni activities. For more information about alumni activities in Africa supported under Australia Awards, visit the Stay Connected section of this website.


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