Alumni Associations Resource Library



In February 2015, about 20 Alumni Associations were brought together in Pretoria, South Africa, for a capacity building workshop aimed to further strengthening the leadership to drive these efforts into sustainable organisations.


Together, Association leaders crafted the following overarching mission statement which is to serve as an umbrella mission to all Associations of Australian Alumni on the African continent. That is to say, missions from Associations should all follow from this umbrella mission.




The Community of Alumni of Australian Institutions exists to:

  • identify opportunities for Australian-educated alumni to participate in and contribute to the continued growth and development of themselves and their respective countries.
  • foster relationships with Australia
  • promote social inclusivity and access for all
  • recognise alumni contributions to their professional and social communities
  • foster a culture of advocacy, connectedness and volunteerism
  • connect alumni through value-added programs, content and services that enrich their personal, professional and intellectual lives.

This Alumni Association Resource Library is intended to serve as a resource bank to further build capacity going forward and following the workshop


1. Resources utilised during the workshop



Alumni Association Capacity Building Workshop 

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2. Post-workshop resources made available by facilitators by theme


a. Governance/Leadership Resources


b. Communication and Marketing tools

(To be shared at a later stage)


c. Programming Resources


3. Resources shared by Associations