Small Grants

The Small Grants Scheme was established to make provision for direct financial support to Alumni. Small Grants are provided for special development projects that are endorsed by Alumni associations.

In 2017 the Small Grants Scheme funded ten projects (two Continued Professional Development projects from Alumni Associations and eight Alumni group development projects to the total value of AUD100,000.

Each year, a minimum of one round of grant applications opens, and a call is made to registered Alumni and on Africa Connect.

2017-2018 Small Grant activity

The last round for 2017-2018 provided funding to Alumni groups or Communities of Practice (COPs) with projects that are supported by in-country Alumni associations under the following two categories:

  • Deploying Knowledge and Skills for Development by Alumni Groups: Under this category, the Grant Scheme provides funding to assist groups of members or COPs within eligible Alumni associations to carry out activities that have clear development benefits and are linked to the development objectives of their home country or region.
  • Professional Development initiated by Alumni Associations: Under this category, Alumni associations may also apply for small grants to offer Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training activities to benefit their members in collaboration with and in agreement with Australia Awards – Africa and the relevant Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) post. The Grant Scheme provides funding to enable Alumni associations to carry out once-off professional development activities that are to be shared (as far as possible) with all Alumni who are interested.


The next round of applications for Small Grants will be awarded in 2018.  Applications are restricted to Alumni member groups or COPs. Alumni associations may also apply for Small Grants to fund relevant CPD workshops for their members.

Information on the application process and deadlines are shared with Associations and Alumni through Africa Connect and on e-mail.

For more information, view the current grant guidelines.

To apply for a Small Grant, download the application form here.

The focus and operational detail of the Small Grants Scheme may change from time to time. For clarification, contact us.

For an overview on previously funded projects, click here.

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