Mentoring forms an important part of what alumni can and should reinvest into the Awards program in supporting and enabling the success of new Awardees (and fellow, younger alumni in need of mentoring – referred to as mentees). Mentors can contribute significantly to the quality of reintegration by assisting new and returning Awardees with advice and tips on how to approach their supervisors and reintegration approaches in general. Mentoring has the potential to contribute to the success of Awardees’ studies and development, their implementation of Work plans on Return (WPR’s) and ultimately to enhance Awardees’ contribution to sustainable development of their communities and countries of origin.
Mentoring between individuals can take on various forms between older experienced alumni and younger alumni, between Alumni and On-Awardees, between Awardees in particular sectors and their peers in similar Australian sectors or between more senior Awardees and freshmen who just arrived in Australia. The challenge for the Australia Awards program is to formalise and capture these mentoring activities, links (formal and informal) and outcomes in some way in order to measure and report on their existence and outcomes.
Objectives of Australia Awards – Africa Mentoring:
• Exchange advice and best practices between mentors and mentees (whether Awardee to Awardee or Alumni to Awardee etc.) with regards to career and professional aspects e.g. development of WPRs, implementation of WPRs when returning home, forming professional links etc.
• Exchange advice and help with regards to personal development and soft skills such as adapting to a new country, finding your way on a university campus, how to do certain things in Australia, how to develop social networks, advice on leadership, communication etc.
• Provide best practices and personal guidance to female Awardees by linking them with more experience Awardees, Alumni and professional in similar careers in order to guide and coach them in their WPR development, implementation, networking and careers (Female Awardees linked to Professional Females in organisations);
• Assist Awardees to find their feet and adapt smoothly at their new universities, new cities and in Australia and feel at home;
• To facilitate links between Alumni and Awardees (and Awardee to Awardees) in similar sectors and around similar courses and research themes to collaborate and form Communities of Practice (COPs);
• To provide a platform for Alumni and more senior Awardees to give back to the Australia Awards program by becoming volunteer who assist, mentor, guide and coach fellow Alumni/Awardees.
For your information, you can access the current mentoring guidelines here
To become a mentor or mentee, you can access the application form here. You will also need to submit a signed copy of the Code of Conduct (available here) to
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