Joyce Ocansey explores Australia’s working environment


Ghanaian Awardee Joyce Ocansey (Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne) says she took part in the Inaugural Australia Awards-Africa Industry Placement Pilot because she wanted to explore not only the education system but also the working environment in Australia.


The Industry Placement Pilot gives awardees the opportunity to gain new knowledge, experiences, skills and expand their professional networks. Joyce worked with the Center for Sustainability Leader (CSL) which is a not for profit organisation office in Melbourne that offers capacity building and leadership development for individuals, organisations and communities who have the passion, potential and commitment to make a better future.


“With no experience in working in the not for profit industry, I was taught the ropes in running such an organisation. The day-to-day activities, how decisions are made and by whom. The importance of communication and teamwork. I also increased my knowledge and skills in the various technology and communication tools used by this industry.”


She says one of the things she learned from the placement was the value and essence of networking and collaborations between team members. “CSL as an organisation has been successful because of the importance and emphasis it places on their networks.” The Industry Placement Pilot gave Joyce the platform to tap into her future work practices.


“This will contribute to my future work practices by firstly establishing contacts and building strong networks through which change can be easily facilitated to ensure sustainability in the energy policy sector. And to inspire and develop information sharing, communication, collaboration, and teamwork among my network to strengthen each other and build capacity internally as well.”


Joyce has mentioned that the placement experience will assist her with implementing her Reintegration Action Plan (RAP) as her planned activities involve social and environmental sustainability in policies within the energy sector. “Hence, building strong and vibrant networks is an essential aspect of its success.”