World Youth Skills Day


World Youth Skills Day, which is observed every year on the 15th of July, presents an opportunity to come together and recognise the importance of youth skills development, giving youth the chance to contribute to their communities’, countries’ and international sustainable development.


Young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and continuously exposed to lower quality of jobs, greater labour market inequalities, and longer and more insecure school-to-work transitions. In addition, women are more likely to be underemployed and underpaid, and to undertake part-time jobs or work under temporary contracts.


That is why education and training are key determinants of success in the labour market. But unfortunately, existing systems are failing to address the learning needs of many young people, and surveys of learning outcomes and skills show that many youth have low levels of achievement in basic literacy and numeracy.


The Australian Government recognises that education contributes to improved social and economic outcomes for young people and is vital for economic development.As a result of an Australia Awards -Africa scholarship, African professionals are able to use their skills and knowledge they have gained during the program to make a change in their home countries, like:


Joyce Ocansey- Ghana


Arnaud Tonang Zebaze- Cameroon


Ncedo Ludada- South Africa