Reintegration Planning is an important component of the Australia Awards Africa program. Through each significant stage of a student’s scholarship, emphasis will be made on Reintegration Planning and the Work Plan on Return. Students must complete the ‘Reintegration Planning Journey’ as part of their Award, using the Reintegration Planning Portal. The Portal is accessible from the ‘Reintegration Portal’ tab on the website home page.




Importance of Reintegration Planning

Reintegration Planning maximizes the value of a student’s Australia Award, and ensures that course selection and the acquirement of skills and knowledge while On Award are in alignment with development impact and change upon returning home. Through Reintegration Planning, an awardee develops into an ‘agent of change’.


Work Plan on Return

Awardees are required to complete a Reintegration Plan, known as a Work Plan on Return (WPR) as part of the application and selection process. The WPR captures ideas and planning for development impact upon graduation, and outlines an aspect of change to implement upon returning home. While On Award, awardees will continue to reflect, review and modify their WPRs, ensuring they capture the necessary skills and knowledge required to successfully implement back home. Through the Reintegration Planning Portal, students will build their WPR in the My WPR E portfolio, and will be able to discuss their WPR ideas and planning at the Reintegration Workshop in their final semester of study. The final component of the WPR is Post Award Reflection, which is to be completed 12 months after graduation. The information from the WPR will also be used for program monitoring and evaluation purposes, so it is essential that students review their plan periodically on their return, record progress against objectives, identify successes and highlight any unanticipated challenges.


Reintegration Planning Portal

The Reintegration Planning Portal facilitates WPR planning for awardees. Prior to attending the Pre Departure Briefings in Africa, awardees will register on the Portal and set up their profile, including an initial WPR outline. The Portal is accessible from the Home Page of the website. The Portal allows awardees to search other users and connect with those who have a similar WPR topic, and contains five key modules aligned with each stage of the Award, including:


– Pre Mobilisation
– Arrival in Australia
– On Award Reflection
– Reintegration Workshops
– Alumni


Module One is completed at the Pre Departure Briefing, while Modules Two- Four are completed On Award. Module Five is completed 12 months after graduation. The WPR is housed on the Portal in the My WPR E portfolio, which awardees can access at any time. The Modules contain helpful information and interactive videos featuring past and current Australia Awards awardees. The Modules are released at each new stage of the Award, and awardees receive email notifications and reminders.


Reintegration Workshops

In their final semester of study before graduating, awardees are invited to attend a Reintegration Workshop in a nearby capital city. This workshop consolidates thinking around the WPR and its implementation, and awardees have an opportunity to discuss their ideas with others. At the workshop, awardees will also discuss change agency, stakeholder management, organisational change, and resistance to change in their workplaces. Before attending the Workshop, awardees must complete Module Four on the Portal, and bring along a copy of their My WPR E portfolio ready to discuss.