Short courses offered in 2019

Agricultural Courses


          Provider: University of Queensland

          Contact information: j.wearingsmith@uq.edu.au

          Increasing the Development of Agricultural Research

          Provider: University of Sydney

          Contact information: emma.walters@sydney.edu.au

          Irrigation and Water Resources Management for Agriculture

          Provider: University of Queensland

          Contact information: j.brighenti@uq.edu.au

Extractive Courses

          Local Economic and Social Development in Extractives

          Provider: University of Queensland

          Contact Information: j.brighenti@uq.edu.au

          Mineral and Energy Economics 

          Provider: The University of Western Australia

          Contact information: Pietro.guj@uwa.edu.au

Public Policy Courses

           Ocean Management: Sustainable Fisheries and Governance

           Provider: University of Wollongong
           Contact information: amcilgor@uow.edu.au

           Public-Private Infrastructure Partnerships

           Provider: University of Queensland International Development

           Contact information: l.hamilton3@uq.edu.au

          Trade Policy and Negotiations

          Provider: University of Adelaide – IIT

          Contact information: Lydia.jaloshin@adelaide.edu.au

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