Small Grants


The Small Grants Scheme, established in late 2011 and enacted in 2012, has allowed Australia Awards – Africa to provide direct financial support according to its Alumni Engagement Strategy (AES) to Alumni Development Groups and Continued Professional Development (CPD) activities of Alumni Associations. Only eligible Alumni Associations can apply for CPD funding while members of Alumni Development project groups must be registered members of their country Alumni Associations.

The Scheme provides funding to Alumni groups in the following two categories:

(i)     Development Projects of Alumni groups / Alumni Communities of Practice:

Under this category, the Grant Scheme provides funding to assist groups of alumni members or communities of practice to carry out activities that have a clear intended development benefit linked to the development objectives of their home country or region. The Small Grants will not be awarded to individual Alumni;


(ii)    Continued Professional Development (CPD) activities of Associations:

Under this category, Alumni Associations may also apply for the Small Grants to offer Continued Professional Development (CPD) for their members in collaboration and agreement with Australia Awards and the relevant Post. The Grant Scheme provides funding to enable Alumni Associations to carry out once-off professional development activities which is to the benefit of the Alumni Association members and are shared with all Alumni who are interested. These training programs should be in cohesion with those of Australia Awards in Africa’s Alumni Engagement Strategy and agreed within the Alumni governance committee of an Alumni Association. This also apply to Alumni from other Australia funded programs such as IM4DC and ACIAR if they are part of Alumni Associations. Alumni Associations should incorporate all these Alumni as prescribed in the Australia Global Alumni Strategy and the AES.


As at December 2014, the Small Grants Scheme had funded 33 projects across 15 African countries for a total value of over AUD 200,000. Eight of these grants were provided to establish Alumni associations across the continent in Botswana, Cameroon, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia.


Each year, at least one round of grant applications is open and in those occasions, a call for applications is made available on this page and Alumni registered and with up-to-date contact details on the Alumni Database receive a notification via email.


Second Round will be closed on the 29th September 2017.
The second round of small grants is restricted to alumni member groups or communities of practice, while Alumni Associations themselves may also apply for the small grants to fund relevant CPD workshops for their members. Grant applications should address and be consistent with the broader CPD needs identified in the December 2015 CPD Needs Assessment conducted by the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) division of Australia Awards – Africa.


For your information, you can access the current grant guidelines here

To apply for a Small Grant, you can access the application form here.

To view blurbs of some of the projects funded by the Grant Scheme, click here.