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Welcome to the Australia Awards in Africa Stay Connected page. We place high importance in staying connected with our Awardees and Alumni. We have designed a number of activities to keep you connected, and to follow and support you on-award and on-return when you enter the Alumni phase of your Award. Learn more about these opportunities below. We also value our partners, and the linkages established through their participation in the delivery of the Awards. Learn more about these partnerships below. Members of the Australia Awards ‘family’ can use this page to Stay Connected. Current students ‘on-award’ in Australia, returned graduates i.e. ‘Alumni’, and employees of Australian and African organisations who have worked together under the Africa Fellowships (former Short Course Awards) or Fellowships (former ALAF) are encouraged to explore the information we make available on this site and send in your stories and photos for us to post in our Gallery or in our Newsroom.



What are the benefits when I return home from study in Australia?Join a network of over 3,000 Australia Awards Alumni in Africa and benefit from:


What are the activities and support available to scholars currently on Award in Australia?Join a growing number of scholars studying in Australia on an Australia Award and benefit from:



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