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The Graeme Wilson and Sandra Vegting Leadership Prizes were established by the Australian Government to remember the life and achievements of HE Graeme Wilson, Australia’s High Commissioner to South Africa from 2012-2014 and HE Sandra Vegting, Australia’s High Commissioner to Mauritius from 2011-2014.  The respective Australian High Commissions in Pretoria and Port Louis award the two respective prizes to meritorious Awardees annually.  The Graeme Wilson and Sandra Vegting Leadership Prizes are an additional entitlement available to eligible awardees under the Australia Awards – Africa.

Purpose and intended impact

The Prizes enable eligible awardees to identify and undertake activities that will contribute to their own leadership and skills development goals. As part of on-award enrichment, the Prizes intend to build the capacity of the recipients with regards to soft skills and personal development which will in turn impact positively on the successful reintegration of the Prize Recipients.

The universities administered the entitlement as part of awardees’ scholarship entitlements. Awardees may apply for funding multiple activities over the period of their Australia Award at any stage of their scholarship.

Supported activities

The Graeme Wilson and Sandra Vegting Leadership Prize entitlement provides funds for activities that contribute to the awardee’s academic and professional goals and networks. For example, the funding may support:

  • attendance at relevant conferences and seminars
  • opportunities for additional skills development or
  • short-term work placements.

History of recipients

Graeme Wilson Leadership Prize Recipients (Australian High Commission, Pretoria)

Sandra Vegting Leadership Prize Recipients (Australian High Commission, Port Louis)

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