Professional Associations and Networking

Australia Awards aims to enhance your learning experience by encouraging you to seek opportunities for networking with professional associations, governments, other agencies and businesses in Australia.

Networking can provide you with exposure to different skills, knowledge and ways of doing things in Australia that you can draw on when you return home. To assist you, we have compiled a list of some relevant Australian professional associations by sector of study. This list is not exhaustive. Therefore, we encourage you to seek out other associations that may be better suited to your specific field of study.

The benefits of joining an Australian professional association

  1. Develop networks within government, industry and media
  2. Have the opportunity to meet other students and participate in social events
  3. Have the opportunity to attend industry events, forums and seminars
  4. Attend professional development workshops and training sessions
  5. Receive discounted access to national conferences
  6. Build contacts with experienced industry professionals and mentors
  7. Receive subsidised membership subscriptions
  8. Gain access to relevant journals and other publications
  9. Receive automatic subscription to association newsletter and other communications
  10. Gain access to awards and prizes

List of relevant professional associations by sector of study 

University associations

In addition to a professional association, Awardees can join a university club or society while on award. The list of all club and society landing pages for each Australian institution is available in the Resource Centre on the Alumni Portal. Once Awardees are registered on the portal, they can download this document. Awardees can sign up during Orientation Week or during the semester.

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