How do I prepare for going to Australia if I receive an award?

Australia Awards scholars are required to attend a pre-departure briefing, held at least six weeks before going to Australia. This briefing provides essential information and advice about living and studying in Australia. These events are held in a number of locations across Africa. The program will cover the cost of one’s attendance if the event is not held in one’s home city. Spouses are encouraged to attend the pre-departure briefings. However, this will be at their own cost.

Australia Awards Short Course participants are encouraged to read all the pre-departure material that they are sent by the training provider, research host institution in Australia or Palladium.

Scholars with a disability or chronic illness, as well as pregnant individuals, are encouraged to notify Palladium before mobilising to Australia. This will ensure that the required information and support is provided while in Australia.

In addition, scholars are encouraged to conduct their own research on life in Australia. Please visit the ‘Life in Australia’ section of the Study in Australia website for some useful information that may assist you with your research.

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