Agribusiness participants gain valuable experiences in Ghana


The second leg of the Australia Awards Short Course – Agribusiness 2019, delivered by the University of Queensland, continued to expose participants to valuable agri-practices and skill during field trips in Ghana, including field trips to Apantam-Attakrom Amanfro Women Pineapple Farmer’s Group and Dreameals in Ghana.

The value of the field trip to Apantam-Attakrom Amanfro Women Pineapple Farmer’s Group cannot be understated, considering that the project is an outcome of a Reintegration Action Plan (RAP) developed by Agribusiness alumnus, Dr Freda Asem. Participants were pleased to see the tangible result of a RAP. Renalda Mlay, from Tanzania, reflected that ‘the pineapple project, by Dr Freda, is very inspiring. Dr Freda shows how to implement a RAP can into a vivid project’.

Paschal Chianu, from Nigeria, was impressed by the involvement of women in the pineapple industry in Ghana. He said, ‘the major turning point is the ownership concept. Women now own a farm, which helps them contribute to the upkeep of their families. There is also strong cooperation and understanding among them, which minimizes conflict’.

A trip to Dreameals showcased the opportunities that agribusiness offered social enterprises and youth development. For Ugandan, Israel Etionu, ‘the visit to Dreameals was an inspiring story’ he committed to implementing what he had seen, to developing his community.  Rose Nakafu, also from Uganda, affirmed the value of seeing Dreameals’ involvement of youth. ‘The Dreameals youth have utilised the incubation from the research institute to add value to yam and create employment for fellow youth’.

The group also visited the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Institute to learn about the importance of market-based research in agribusiness.

Picture Credit: University of Queensland

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