Contributing to Private Sector Development in Zambia


Mr Lyalabi applied for an Australia Awards Scholarship in 2011, while working as the Senior Hydropower Development Officer at Zambia’s Rural Electrification Authority. He aimed to gain the skills needed to enhance the Authority’s rural electrification and hydropower projects. When he returned to Zambia after studying, Mr Lyalabi learned that the Authority had re-focused on solar power and grid extension projects, making it difficult for him to fulfil his objective.

Six months later, Mr Lyalabi made the bold decision to resign and start an engineering firm Inter-Africa Consulting with a partner in the industry. Inter-Africa has grown to recognition as one of the leading engineering firms offering high-quality services in Zambia, worth approximately $2.8 million with over ten full-time employees. He did so even though breaking into Zambia’s competitive engineering industry—with over 50 established firms—was not going to be easy.

Find out whether Mr Lyalabi succeeded in his ambitions endeavour by downloading and reading his case study.

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