Equipping African scholars through Australian education


The Australian ‘High Commission, Kenya hosted a new cohort of Australia Awards Scholarship recipients from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda departing to Australia in 2020. The briefing was an opportunity for recently returned alumni to share their scholarship experience. The Australian High Commissioner to Kenya, Ms Alison Chartres, encouraged recipients to ’embrace Australia, maximise existing scholarship opportunities and help promote Australia‚ÄďAfrica partnerships.’

Nancy Mokera, a radiation therapy radiographer at Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya, shared her excitement about studying in Australia. ‘I look forward to exploring a different world, learning from the best and coming back with the knowledge, networks and links to develop my country’ she said. She will pursue a Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership at Murdoch University.

Her fellow scholar Ibrahim Awadhi Mdee, from Tanzania, looks forward to becoming ‘an expert in negotiating multilateral environmental agreements’ which will benefit Tanzania. Ibrahim is a legal officer at the Vice President’s Office, Tanzania and is set to study a Master of Environmental Law at the University of Melbourne.

Following the briefing, former Australia Awards alumni ambassadors, Dr Anne Mwangi and Angella Ndaka, were recognised for their work as outstanding alumni ambassadors at a reception held at the Australia High Commission’s residence. Another highlight, at the reception, was the entertainment provided by one of Australia Awards’ esteemed alumnus Paul Mugambi, living with visual impairment, and his band.

Picture Credit: Australia Awards-Africa

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