Focus on sustainable development at Mining Indaba Conference 2020


Australia Awards alumna Ms Fatima Ibrahim (second right) with delegates from the Ministry of Mines and Investment promotion, Nigeria.

The world’s largest mining investment event, Mining Indaba Conference 2020, took place between 3 – 6 February in Cape Town, South Africa. This conference inspired Australia Awards Alumni and sparked conversations over promoting a more green and sustainable technology in the mining sector.

Here is what some of our alumni who attended had to say about the conference and speaker highlights.

Fatima Ibrahim Maikore – Nigeria

“Mining Indaba 2020 was spectacularly interesting to me. It provided an opportunity for me to meet friends and colleagues from other countries and organisations, especially met fellow Australia Awards Alumni.

One of the speakers that stood out for me was Hon. Francis Gatare, CEO, Rwanda Mining Petroleum & Gas Board. In his presentation, he discussed investment opportunities in the mining sector, issues of corporate social responsibility, the community, as well as the environment. His position on corporate social responsibility and management of corporate community relationship is particularly interesting to me. As the mining sector in Nigeria is in its developmental stage, we have the opportunities to steer the industry to the part of social and economic responsibility and accountability by learning from the mistakes of the much older mining jurisdictions.”

Dineo Florence Sefemo – Botswana

“Bold Bataar, the Chief Executive of Energy & Minerals linked the future fit mining issues to the current state of mining operations in Africa. He highlighted the opportunities that African mining companies and countries should capitalise on. Bataar’s perspective of the model of shared value addressed engagement among civil society, government and politicians to promote sustainable development. Bataar further stated that the world transition to a low carbon economy would depend on Africa minerals. Hence, Africa remains the centre for mining.”

Chris Byaruhanga – Uganda

“Benedict Sobotha, the CEO of Eurasia Resources, gave very insightful ideas on what Africa needs to do to come out on top amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). I liked his approach to sustainable mining, by handling issues like child labour and supporting artisanal miners to grow. He also made the argument that cobalt should be designated as a conflict mineral given that the bulk of it is mined in the DRC under similar terrible conditions like the other selected conflict minerals.”

Photo Credit: Fatima Ibrahim Maikore

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